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Our strongest qualities that make our services suited for you

Tailor Made for you

Your policy contract terms shall be tailor-made to suit your specific and unique insurable interest. Maximum discounts shall be passed onto you where warranted.

Document Service

All documents are cross-checked to ensure they meet your precise requirements. No vagueness, just the facts for your peace of mind.

Personal Insurance advisers

We have advisers to help you navigate the murky waters of legal language and documentation.

Record Keeping for you

These records will ensure that you have up tp date information on all your insurances for your use at all times.

We offer you insurance claims services... Read more

Our insurance offer

Our most populaler offerings and more
offer tall

Insure your factory

Protect your machinery and plant
offer 1

Insure your cargo

while in transit
offer wide

Insure your vehicle

get the comprehensive motor package
offer 2

Insure your eletronics

computers, printers, data storage and many more
offer 3

Insure your project

to protect against unforeseen loss or damage
offer 4

Insure your house

hired or owned, we will protect you.
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